Michael Kantar
Michael Kantar
University of Hawaii Manoa
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A pipeline strategy for grain crop domestication
LR DeHaan, DL Van Tassel, JA Anderson, SR Asselin, R Barnes, ...
Crop Science 56 (3), 917-930, 2016
Ecogeography and utility to plant breeding of the crop wild relatives of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)
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Perennial grain and oilseed crops
MB Kantar, CE Tyl, KM Dorn, X Zhang, JM Jungers, JM Kaser, ...
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Broad threat to humanity from cumulative climate hazards intensified by greenhouse gas emissions
C Mora, D Spirandelli, EC Franklin, J Lynham, MB Kantar, W Miles, ...
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Vitamin variation in Capsicum spp. provides opportunities to improve nutritional value of human diets
MB Kantar, JE Anderson, SA Lucht, K Mercer, V Bernau, KA Case, NC Le, ...
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Bitcoin emissions alone could push global warming above 2 C
C Mora, RL Rollins, K Taladay, MB Kantar, MK Chock, M Shimada, ...
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A roadmap for functional structural variants in the soybean genome
JE Anderson, MB Kantar, TY Kono, F Fu, AO Stec, Q Song, PB Cregan, ...
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 4 (7), 1307-1318, 2014
Field pennycress production and weed control in a double crop system with soybean in Minnesota
GA Johnson, MB Kantar, KJ Betts, DL Wyse
Agronomy Journal 107 (2), 532-540, 2015
The reflective plant breeding paradigm: A robust system of germplasm development to support strategic diversification of agroecosystems
BC Runck, MB Kantar, NR Jordan, JA Anderson, DL Wyse, JO Eckberg, ...
Crop Science 54 (5), 1939-1948, 2014
Evaluating an interspecific Helianthus annuus× Helianthus tuberosus population for use in a perennial sunflower breeding program
MB Kantar, K Betts, JM Michno, JJ Luby, PL Morrell, BS Hulke, RM Stupar, ...
Field crops research 155, 254-264, 2014
Environmental association analyses identify candidates for abiotic stress tolerance in Glycine soja, the wild progenitor of cultivated soybeans
JE Anderson, TJY Kono, RM Stupar, MB Kantar, PL Morrell
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 6 (4), 835-843, 2016
Co-expression of soybean Dicer-like genes in response to stress and development
SJ Curtin, MB Kantar, HW Yoon, AM Whaley, JA Schlueter, RM Stupar
Functional & integrative genomics 12 (4), 671-682, 2012
Climate variability impacts on rice production in the Philippines
MF Stuecker, M Tigchelaar, MB Kantar
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The genetics and genomics of plant domestication
MB Kantar, AR Nashoba, JE Anderson, BK Blackman, LH Rieseberg
BioScience 67 (11), 971-982, 2017
MicroRNA maturation and microRNA target gene expression regulation are severely disrupted in soybean dicer-like1 double mutants
SJ Curtin, JM Michno, BW Campbell, J Gil-Humanes, SM Mathioni, ...
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 6 (2), 423-433, 2016
Optimization of screening of native and naturalized plants from Minnesota for antimicrobial activity
P Gillitzer, C Martin, M Kantar, K Kauppi, S Dahlberg, D Lis, J Kurle, ...
Journal of Medicinal Plants Research 6 (6), 938-949, 2012
Evolution of invasiveness by genetic accommodation
DG Bock, MB Kantar, C Caseys, R Matthey-Doret, LH Rieseberg
Nature ecology & evolution 2 (6), 991, 2018
Genomic variation in Helianthus: learning from the past and looking to the future
MB Kantar, GJ Baute, DG Bock, LH Rieseberg
Briefings in functional genomics 13 (4), 328-340, 2014
Dissecting the genetic basis of local adaptation in soybean
NB Bandillo, JE Anderson, MB Kantar, RM Stupar, JE Specht, GL Graef, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 17195, 2017
Growth stage at harvest of a winter rye cover crop influences soil moisture and nitrogen
E Krueger, T Ochsner, M Kantar, C Sheaffer, P Porter
Crop Management 9 (1), 00-00, 2010
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