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Spin-Relaxation Properties of a High-Spin Mononuclear MnIIIO6-Containing Complex
A Grigoropoulos, M Pissas, P Papatolis, V Psycharis, P Kyritsis, Y Sanakis
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Encapsulation of Crabtree's Catalyst in Sulfonated MIL‐101 (Cr): Enhancement of Stability and Selectivity between Competing Reaction Pathways by the MOF Chemical Microenvironment
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LJ Giles, A Grigoropoulos, RK Szilagyi
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Electron and Spin Density Topology of the H‐Cluster and Its Biomimetic Complexes
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Statistical copolymers of norbornene and 5‐vinyl‐2‐norbornene by a ditungsten complex mediated ring‐opening metathesis Polymerization: Synthesis, thermal properties, and …
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A Grigoropoulos, RK Szilagyi
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Metathesis Polymerization Reactions Induced by the Bimetallic Complex (Ph4P) 2 [W2 (μ-Br) 3Br6]
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Polymers 7 (12), 2611-2624, 2015
Synthesis of Chalcogenidoimidodiphosphinato–RhI Complexes and DFT Investigation of Their Catalytic Activation in Olefin Hydroformylation
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N Levesanos, A Grigoropoulos, CP Raptopoulou, V Psycharis, P Kyritsis
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Field-induced slow relaxation of magnetization in the S= 3/2 octahedral complexes trans-[Co {(OPPh 2)(EPPh 2) N} 2 (dmf) 2], E= S, Se: effects of Co–Se vs. Co–S coordination
E Ferentinos, M Xu, A Grigoropoulos, I Bratsos, CP Raptopoulou, ...
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High-Throughput Discovery of Hf Promotion on the Formation of Hcp Co and Fischer-Tropsch Activity
H Van Rensberg, M Zanella, EJ Carrington, A Grigoropoulos, T Manning, ...
High-Throughput Discovery of Hf Promotion on the Formation of Hcp Co and Fischer-Tropsch Activity
L Alvarado Rupflin, H Van Rensberg, M Zanella, EJ Carrington, ...
ChemRxiv, 2020
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