Robert Hugh Smithies
Robert Hugh Smithies
Geological Survey of Western Australia
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An overview of adakite, tonalite–trondhjemite–granodiorite (TTG), and sanukitoid: relationships and some implications for crustal evolution
H Martin, RH Smithies, R Rapp, JF Moyen, D Champion
Lithos 79 (1-2), 1-24, 2005
The Archaean tonalite–trondhjemite–granodiorite (TTG) series is not an analogue of Cenozoic adakite
RH Smithies
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 182 (1), 115-125, 2000
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MJ Van Kranendonk, R Hugh Smithies, AH Hickman, DC Champion
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MJV Kranendonk, AH Hickman, RH Smithies, DR Nelson, G Pike
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Zircon Th/U ratios in magmatic environs
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RH Smithies, DC Champion, MJ Van Kranendonk
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Earth’s first stable continents did not form by subduction
TE Johnson, M Brown, NJ Gardiner, CL Kirkland, RH Smithies
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RH Smithies, DC Champion, MJ Van Kranendonk, HM Howard, ...
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RH Smithies, MJ Van Kranendonk, DC Champion
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 238 (3-4), 284-297, 2005
High-temperature granite magmatism, crust–mantle interaction and the Mesoproterozoic intracontinental evolution of the Musgrave Province, Central Australia
RH Smithies, HM Howard, PM Evins, CL Kirkland, DE Kelsey, M Hand, ...
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WD Maier, SJ Barnes, IH Campbell, ML Fiorentini, P Peltonen, SJ Barnes, ...
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Geochemistry of Paleoarchean granites of the East Pilbara terrane, Pilbara craton, Western Australia: implications for Early Archean crustal growth
DC Champion, RH Smithies
Developments in Precambrian Geology 15, 369-409, 2007
Archaean boninite-like rocks in an intracratonic setting
RH Smithies
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 197 (1-2), 19-34, 2002
On the edge: U–Pb, Lu–Hf, and Sm–Nd data suggests reworking of the Yilgarn craton margin during formation of the Albany-Fraser Orogen
CL Kirkland, CV Spaggiari, MJ Pawley, MTD Wingate, RH Smithies, ...
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The FeO/(FeO+ MgO) ratio of tourmaline: a useful indicator of spatial variations in granite-related hydrothermal mineral deposits
F Pirajno, RH Smithies
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Late Archaean felsic alkaline igneous rocks in the Eastern Goldfields, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia: a result of lower crustal delamination?
RH Smithies, DC Champion
Journal of the Geological Society 156 (3), 561-576, 1999
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