María Victoria López Ramón
María Victoria López Ramón
Andre navneMV Lopez-Ramon, MV López-Ramón
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Changes in surface chemistry of activated carbons by wet oxidation
C Moreno-Castilla, MV López-Ramón, F Carrasco-Marın
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On the characterization of acidic and basic surface sites on carbons by various techniques
MV Lopez-Ramon, F Stoeckli, C Moreno-Castilla, F Carrasco-Marin
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C Moreno-Castilla, J Rivera-Utrilla, MV Lopez-Ramon
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C Moreno-Castilla, F Carrasco-Marı́n, MV López-Ramón, ...
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C Moreno-Castilla, J Rivera-Utrilla, JP Joly, MV López-Ramón, ...
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Effect of surface chemistry, solution pH, and ionic strength on the removal of herbicides diuron and amitrole from water by an activated carbon fiber
MA Fontecha-Cámara, MV López-Ramón, MA Álvarez-Merino, ...
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Cadmium ion adsorption on different carbon adsorbents from aqueous solutions. Effect of surface chemistry, pore texture, ionic strength, and dissolved natural organic matter
C Moreno-Castilla, MA Alvarez-Merino, MV López-Ramón, ...
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Specific and non-specific interactions of water molecules with carbon surfaces from immersion calorimetry
MV López-Ramón, F Stoeckli, C Moreno-Castilla, F Carrasco-Marı́n
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MA Fontecha-Cámara, MV López-Ramón, LM Pastrana-Martínez, ...
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MA Fontecha-Cámara, C Moreno-Castilla, MV López-Ramón, MA Álvarez
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 196, 207-215, 2016
Heterogeneous and homogeneous Fenton processes using activated carbon for the removal of the herbicide amitrole from water
MA Fontecha-Cámara, MA Álvarez-Merino, F Carrasco-Marín, ...
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E Fernandez, D Hugi-Cleary, MV López-Ramón, F Stoeckli
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Hydrothermal Synthesis of rGO-TiO2 Composites as High-Performance UV Photocatalysts for Ethylparaben Degradation
M Ruidíaz-Martínez, MA Álvarez, MV López-Ramón, G Cruz-Quesada, ...
Catalysts 10 (5), 520, 2020
Removal of parabens from water by UV-driven advanced oxidation processes
MA Alvarez, M Ruidíaz-Martínez, G Cruz-Quesada, MV López-Ramón, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 379, 122334, 2020
Removal of diuron and amitrole from water under static and dynamic conditions using activated carbons in form of fibers, cloth, and grains
MV López-Ramón, MA Fontecha-Cámara, MA Alvarez-Merino, ...
Water Research 41 (13), 2865-2870, 2007
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MA Álvarez-Merino, MA Fontecha-Cámara, MV López-Ramón, ...
Carbon 46 (5), 778-787, 2008
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