Masoud Fatemi
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M Fatemi
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S Babaie-Kafaki, M Fatemi, N Mahdavi-Amiri
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M Fatemi
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Joint sentiment/topic modeling on text data using a boosted restricted Boltzmann Machine
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M Fatemi
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Presenting a new method to separate fetal heart signals from the mother by using sequential quadratic programming
MS Alamdari, M Fatemi
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MS Alamdari, M Fatemi
Electronic and Cyber Defense, 2023
The Recovery of Sparse Signals by Sequential Quadratic Programming Approach
MS Alamdari, M Fatemi, A Ghaffari
Journal of Operational Research In Its Applications (Applied Mathematics …, 2023
On initial point selection of the steepest descent algorithm for general quadratic functions
M Fatemi
Computational Optimization and Applications 82 (2), 329-360, 2022
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