Bent Herrmann
Bent Herrmann
SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture + University in Tromsø
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Understanding the size selectivity of redfish (Sebastes spp.) in North Atlantic trawl codends
B Herrmann, MB Sistiaga, KN Nielsen, RB Larsen
Northwest Atlantic Fishery Organization, 2012
Effect of catch size and shape on the selectivity of diamond mesh cod-ends:II. Theoretical study of haddock selection
B Herrmann
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Effect of catch size and shape on the selectivity of diamond mesh cod-ends: II. Theoretical study of haddock selection
B Herrmann
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M Sistiaga, B Herrmann, E Grimaldo, RB Larsen
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H Wienbeck, B Herrmann, W Moderhak, D Stepputtis
Fisheries Research 109 (1), 80-88, 2011
Prediction of selectivity from morphological conditions: methodology and a case study on cod (Gadus morhua)
B Herrmann, LA Krag, RP Frandsen, N Madsen, B Lundgren, KJ Stæhr
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Effect of catch size and shape on the selectivity of diamond mesh cod-ends: I. Model development
B Herrmann
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A Sala, A Lucchetti, A Perdichizzi, B Herrmann, P Rinelli
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B Herrmann, FG O’Neill
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B Herrmann, H Wienbeck, W Moderhak, D Stepputtis, LA Krag
Fisheries research 145, 22-36, 2013
Simulation-based study of the combined effect on cod-end size selection of turning meshes by 90 and reducing the number of meshes in the circumference for round fish
B Herrmann, D Priour, LA Krag
Fisheries Research 84 (2), 222-232, 2007
Estimation of the effect of gear design changes on catch efficiency: methodology and a case study for a Spanish longline fishery targeting hake (Merluccius merluccius)
B Herrmann, M Sistiaga, L Rindahl, I Tatone
Fisheries Research 185, 153-160, 2017
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N Madsen, B Herrmann, RP Frandsen, LA Krag
Aquatic Living Resources 25 (3), 231-240, 2012
Understanding the release efficiency of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) from trawls with a square mesh panel: effects of panel area, panel position, and stimulation of …
B Herrmann, H Wienbeck, JD Karlsen, D Stepputtis, E Dahm, ...
ICES Journal of Marine Science 72 (2), 686-696, 2015
Understanding sorting grid and codend size selectivity of Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides)
B Herrmann, M Sistiaga, RB Larsen, KN Nielsen, E Grimaldo
Fisheries Research 146, 59-73, 2013
A simulation-based attempt to quantify the morphological component of size selection of Nephrops norvegicus in trawl codends
RP Frandsen, B Herrmann, N Madsen
Fisheries Research 101 (3), 156-167, 2010
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OR Eigaard, B Herrmann, JR Nielsen
Aquatic Living Resources 25, 15-26, 2011
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RP Frandsen, B Herrmann, N Madsen, LA Krag
Fisheries Research 111 (1-2), 116-126, 2011
Reducing flatfish bycatch in roundfish fisheries
J Santos, B Herrmann, B Mieske, D Stepputtis, U Krumme, H Nilsson
Fisheries Research 184, 64-73, 2016
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