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Building‐block diversity in polydopamine underpins a multifunctional eumelanin‐type platform tunable through a quinone control point
NF Della Vecchia, R Avolio, M Alfè, ME Errico, A Napolitano, M d'Ischia
Advanced Functional Materials 23 (10), 1331-1340, 2013
Structure–property relationship in nanostructures of young and mature soot in premixed flames
M Alfè, B Apicella, R Barbella, JN Rouzaud, A Tregrossi, A Ciajolo
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 32 (1), 697-704, 2009
Isotherms and thermodynamics of CO2 adsorption on a novel carbon-magnetite composite sorbent
F Raganati, M Alfe, V Gargiulo, R Chirone, P Ammendola
Chemical engineering research and design 134, 540-552, 2018
Soot nanostructure evolution in premixed flames by High Resolution Electron Transmission Microscopy (HRTEM)
B Apicella, P Pre, M Alfè, A Ciajolo, V Gargiulo, C Russo, A Tregrossi, ...
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The effect of temperature on soot properties in premixed methane flames
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Kinetic study and breakthrough analysis of the hybrid physical/chemical CO2 adsorption/desorption behavior of a magnetite-based sorbent
F Raganati, M Alfe, V Gargiulo, R Chirone, P Ammendola
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Mass spectrometric analysis of large PAH in a fuel-rich ethylene flame
B Apicella, A Carpentieri, M Alfè, R Barbella, A Tregrossi, P Pucci, ...
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CO2 capture performance of HKUST-1 in a sound assisted fluidized bed
F Raganati, V Gargiulo, P Ammendola, M Alfe, R Chirone
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Probing structures of soot formed in premixed flames of methane, ethylene and benzene
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Stem cell-compatible eumelanin biointerface fabricated by chemically controlled solid state polymerization
A Pezzella, M Barra, A Musto, A Navarra, M Alfe, P Manini, S Parisi, ...
Materials Horizons 2 (2), 212-220, 2015
Aromatic structures of carbonaceous materials and soot inferred by spectroscopic analysis
B Apicella, M Alfe, R Barbella, A Tregrossi, A Ciajolo
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Inherent metal elements in biomass pyrolysis: a review
P Giudicianni, V Gargiulo, CM Grottola, M Alfè, AI Ferreiro, MAA Mendes, ...
Energy & Fuels 35 (7), 5407-5478, 2021
Chemico-physical features of soot emitted from a dual-fuel ethanol–diesel system
V Gargiulo, M Alfè, G Di Blasio, C Beatrice
Fuel 150, 154-161, 2015
Assessing the Potential of Biochars Prepared by Steam-Assisted Slow Pyrolysis for CO2 Adsorption and Separation
V Gargiulo, A Gomis-Berenguer, P Giudicianni, CO Ania, R Ragucci, ...
Energy & fuels 32 (10), 10218-10227, 2018
Interfacial properties of carbon particulate-laden liquid interfaces and stability of related foams and emulsions
E Santini, F Ravera, M Ferrari, M Alfè, A Ciajolo, L Liggieri
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 365 (1-3 …, 2010
Structural characterization of large polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Part 1: The case of coal tar pitch and naphthalene-derived pitch
V Gargiulo, B Apicella, M Alfè, C Russo, F Stanzione, A Tregrossi, ...
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CA Alfè Michela, Apicella Barbara, Tregrossi Antonio
Carbon 46, 7, 2008
Effect of fuel/air ratio and aromaticity on sooting behavior of premixed heptane flames
A D'Anna, M Alfe, B Apicella, A Tregrossi, A Ciajolo
Energy & Fuels 21 (5), 2655-2662, 2007
Magnetite loaded carbon fine particles as low-cost CO2 adsorbent in a sound assisted fluidized bed
M Alfe, P Ammendola, V Gargiulo, F Raganati, R Chirone
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 35 (3), 2801-2809, 2015
Aggregation and interactions of C60 and C70 fullerenes in neat N-methylpyrrolidinone and in N-methylpyrrolidinone/toluene mixtures
M Alfe, B Apicella, R Barbella, A Bruno, A Ciajolo
Chemical physics letters 405 (1-3), 193-197, 2005
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