Thomas J. Leeper
Thomas J. Leeper
Meta, Central Applied Science
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The generalizability of survey experiments
KJ Mullinix, TJ Leeper, JN Druckman, J Freese
Journal of Experimental Political Science 2 (2), 109-138, 2015
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JN Druckman, J Fein, TJ Leeper
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Margins: Marginal effects for model objects
TJ Leeper, J Arnold, V Arel-Bundock
R package version 0.3 23, 2018, 2018
Interpreting regression results using average marginal effects with R’s margins
TJ Leeper
Available at the comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) 32, 1-32, 2017
Doing what others do: Norms, science, and collective action on global warming
T Bolsen, TJ Leeper, MA Shapiro
American Politics Research 42 (1), 65-89, 2014
Identities and intersectionality: a case for Purposive sampling in Survey‐Experimental research
S Klar, TJ Leeper
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rio: A Swiss-army knife for data file I/O
C Chan, GCH Chan, TJ Leeper, J Becker
R package version 0.5 16, 2018
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TJ Leeper
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Self-interest and attention to news among issue publics
T Bolsen, TJ Leeper
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Where have the respondents gone? Perhaps we ate them all
TJ Leeper
Public Opinion Quarterly 83 (S1), 280-288, 2019
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JN Druckman, TJ Leeper
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Studying identities with experiments: Weighing the risk of posttreatment bias against priming effects
S Klar, T Leeper, J Robison
Journal of Experimental Political Science 7 (1), 56-60, 2020
How the news media persuades: Framing effects and beyond
TJ Leeper, R Slothuus
Can citizens be framed? How information more than emphasis changes opinions
TJ Leeper, R Slothuus
1st Gothenburg-Barcelona Workshop on Experimental Political Science …, 2015
More important, but for what exactly? The insignificant role of subjective issue importance in vote decisions
TJ Leeper, J Robison
Political Behavior 42 (1), 239-259, 2020
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