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Late Quaternary linear dune accumulation and chronostratigraphy of the southwestern Kalahari: implications for aeolian palaeoclimatic reconstructions and predictions of future …
MW Telfer, DSG Thomas
Quaternary Science Reviews 26 (19-21), 2617-2630, 2007
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TM Brncic, KJ Willis, DJ Harris, MW Telfer, RM Bailey
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CÓ Cofaigh, MW Telfer, RM Bailey, DJA Evans
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MW Telfer, RM Bailey, SL Burrough, AES Stone, DSG Thomas, ...
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Palaeoenvironmental reconstructions from linear dunefields: recent progress, current challenges and future directions
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Growth by extension, and reworking, of a south‐western Kalahari linear dune
MW Telfer
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PJ Holmes, MD Bateman, DSG Thomas, MW Telfer, CH Barker, ...
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New constraints on the age of the last ice sheet glaciation in NW England using optically stimulated luminescence dating
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Journal of Quaternary Science: Published for the Quaternary Research …, 2009
Alluvial fan records from southeast Arabia reveal multiple windows for human dispersal
A Parton, AR Farrant, MJ Leng, MW Telfer, HS Groucutt, MD Petraglia, ...
Geology 43 (4), 295-298, 2015
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MW Telfer, MD Bateman, AS Carr, BM Chase
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Dunes on Pluto
MW Telfer, EJR Parteli, J Radebaugh, RA Beyer, T Bertrand, F Forget, ...
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Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) dating and palaeoenvironmental studies of pan (playa) sediment from Witpan, South Africa
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MR Geach, M Stokes, MW Telfer, AE Mather, RM Fyfe, S Lewin
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Sand ramps in the Golden Gate Highlands National Park, South Africa: evidence of periglacial aeolian activity during the last glacial
MW Telfer, ZA Thomas, E Breman
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 313, 59-69, 2012
Core drilling of Quaternary sediments for luminescence dating using the Dormer Drillmite
K Munyikwa, M Telfer, I Baker, C Knight
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RT Walker, M Telfer, RL Kahle, MW Dee, B Kahle, JL Schwenninger, ...
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Single-grain and multi-grain OSL dating of river terrace sediments in the Tabernas Basin, SE Spain
MR Geach, KJ Thomsen, JP Buylaert, AS Murray, AE Mather, MW Telfer, ...
Quaternary Geochronology 30, 213-218, 2015
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