Paweł Jeżowski
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Safe and recyclable lithium-ion capacitors using sacrificial organic lithium salt
P Jeżowski, O Crosnier, E Deunf, P Poizot, F Béguin, T Brousse
Nature materials 17 (2), 167-173, 2018
Lithium rhenium (vii) oxide as a novel material for graphite pre-lithiation in high performance lithium-ion capacitors
P Jeżowski, K Fic, O Crosnier, T Brousse, F Béguin
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (32), 12609-12615, 2016
Use of sacrificial lithium nickel oxide for loading graphitic anode in Li-ion capacitors
P Jeżowski, K Fic, O Crosnier, T Brousse, F Béguin
Electrochimica Acta 206, 440-445, 2016
Nutritional analysis and evaluation of the consumer acceptance of pork pâté enriched with cricket powder-preliminary study
K Smarzyński, P Sarbak, S Musiał, P Jeżowski, M Piątek, ...
Open Agriculture 4 (1), 159-163, 2019
High performance hybrid sodium-ion capacitor with tin phosphide used as battery-type negative electrode
A Chojnacka, X Pan, P Jeżowski, F Beguin
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Pea protein for hempseed oil nanoemulsion stabilization
M Jarzębski, F Fathordoobady, Y Guo, M Xu, A Singh, DD Kitts, ...
Molecules 24 (23), 4288, 2019
Antifungal activity of selected volatile essential oils against Penicillium sp.
S Felšöciová, N Vukovic, P Jeżowski, M Kačániová
Open Life Sciences 15 (1), 511-521, 2020
Starch as a green binder for the formulation of conducting glue in supercapacitors
P Jeżowski, PŁ Kowalczewski
Polymers 11 (10), 1648, 2019
Wheat bread enriched with raspberry and strawberry oilcakes: Effects on proximate composition, texture and water properties
PŁ Kowalczewski, K Walkowiak, Ł Masewicz, A Duda, N Poliszko, ...
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Low-Field NMR study of shortcake biscuits with cricket powder, and their nutritional and physical characteristics
K Smarzyński, P Sarbak, PŁ Kowalczewski, MB Różańska, I Rybicka, ...
Molecules 26 (17), 5417, 2021
Na2S sacrificial cathodic material for high performance sodium-ion capacitors
X Pan, A Chojnacka, P Jeżowski, F Beguin
Electrochimica Acta 318, 471-478, 2019
Delving into the nutraceutical benefits of purple carrot against metabolic syndrome and cancer: A review
H Rasheed, M Shehzad, R Rabail, PŁ Kowalczewski, M Kidoń, ...
Applied Sciences 12 (6), 3170, 2022
Production of wheat bread with spray-dried potato juice: Influence on dough and bread characteristics
P Kowalczewski, M Różańska, A Makowska, P Jeżowski, P Kubiak
Food Science and Technology International 25 (3), 223-232, 2019
Sodium amide as a “zero dead mass” sacrificial material for the pre-sodiation of the negative electrode in sodium-ion capacitors
P Jeżowski, A Chojnacka, X Pan, F Beguin
Electrochimica Acta 375, 137980, 2021
Chemical etching of stainless steel 301 for improving performance of electrochemical capacitors in aqueous electrolyte
P Jeżowski, M Nowicki, M Grzeszkowiak, R Czajka, F Béguin
Journal of Power Sources 279, 555-562, 2015
Technological and antioxidant properties of proteins obtained from waste potato juice
P Jeżowski, K Polcyn, A Tomkowiak, I Rybicka, D Radzikowska
Open Life Sciences 15 (1), 379-388, 2020
Thermal processing of pasta enriched with black locust flowers affect quality, phenolics, and antioxidant activity
PŁ Kowalczewski, P Pauter, K Smarzyński, MB Różańska, P Jeżowski, ...
Journal of Food Processing and Preservation 43 (10), e14106, 2019
Sucrose based cellular glassy carbon for biological applications
K Tadyszak, J Litowczenko, Ł Majchrzycki, P Jeżowski, K Załęski, ...
Materials Chemistry and Physics 239, 122033, 2020
Clinical, Nutritional, and Functional Evaluation of Chia Seed-Fortified Muffins
R Rabail, MT Sultan, AR Khalid, AT Sahar, S Zia, PŁ Kowalczewski, ...
Molecules 27 (18), 5907, 2022
Sodium borohydride (NaBH4) as a high-capacity material for next-generation sodium-ion capacitors
P Jeżowski, O Crosnier, T Brousse
Open Chemistry 19 (1), 432-441, 2021
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