Hartmut Abele
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Quantum states of neutrons in the Earth's gravitational field
VV Nesvizhevsky, HG Börner, AK Petukhov, H Abele, S Baeßler, FJ Rueß, ...
Nature 415 (6869), 297-299, 2002
The neutron. Its properties and basic interactions
H Abele
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Measurement of quantum states of neutrons in the Earth’s gravitational field
VV Nesvizhevsky, HG Börner, AM Gagarski, AK Petoukhov, GA Petrov, ...
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Is the Unitarity of the Quark-Mixing CKM Matrix Violated in Neutron -Decay?
H Abele, MA Hoffmann, S Baeßler, D Dubbers, F Glück, U Müller, ...
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Realization of a magnetic mirror for cold atoms
TM Roach, H Abele, MG Boshier, HL Grossman, KP Zetie, EA Hinds
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Study of the neutron quantum states in the gravity field
VV Nesvizhevsky, AK Petukhov, HG Börner, TA Baranova, AM Gagarski, ...
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Characterization of a ballistic supermirror neutron guide
H Abele, D Dubbers, H Häse, M Klein, A Knöpfler, M Kreuz, T Lauer, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators …, 2006
Determination of the Weak Axial Vector Coupling from a Measurement of the -Asymmetry Parameter in Neutron Beta Decay
D Mund, B Märkisch, M Deissenroth, J Krempel, M Schumann, H Abele, ...
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Realization of a gravity-resonance-spectroscopy technique
T Jenke, P Geltenbort, H Lemmel, H Abele
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Gravity resonance spectroscopy constrains dark energy and dark matter scenarios
T Jenke, G Cronenberg, J Burgdörfer, LA Chizhova, P Geltenbort, ...
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Measurement of the weak axial-vector coupling constant in the decay of free neutrons using a pulsed cold neutron beam
B Märkisch, H Mest, H Saul, X Wang, H Abele, D Dubbers, M Klopf, ...
Physical review letters 122 (24), 242501, 2019
A measurement of the beta asymmetry A in the decay of free neutrons
H Abele, S Baeßler, D Dubbers, J Last, U Mayerhofer, C Metz, TM Müller, ...
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Search for quantum states of the neutron in a gravitational field: gravitational levels
VV Nesvizhevsky, H Börner, AM Gagarski, GA Petrov, AK Petukhov, ...
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Neutron interferometry constrains dark energy chameleon fields
H Lemmel, P Brax, AN Ivanov, T Jenke, G Pignol, M Pitschmann, ...
Physics Letters B 743, 310-314, 2015
Ramsey’s method of separated oscillating fields and its application to gravitationally induced quantum phase shifts
H Abele, T Jenke, H Leeb, J Schmiedmayer
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A clean, bright, and versatile source of neutron decay products
D Dubbers, H Abele, S Baeßler, B Märkisch, M Schumann, T Soldner, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators …, 2008
A quantum mechanical description of the experiment on the observation of gravitationally bound states
A Westphal, H Abele, S Baeßler, VV Nesvizhevsky, KV Protasov, ...
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Quantum motion of a neutron in a waveguide in the gravitational field
AY Voronin, H Abele, S Baeßler, VV Nesvizhevsky, AK Petukhov, ...
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Acoustic Rabi oscillations between gravitational quantum states and impact on symmetron dark energy
G Cronenberg, P Brax, H Filter, P Geltenbort, T Jenke, G Pignol, ...
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Measurement of the neutrino asymmetry parameter B in neutron decay
M Schumann, T Soldner, M Deissenroth, F Glück, J Krempel, M Kreuz, ...
Physical review letters 99 (19), 191803, 2007
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