Dr. Avvari Naga Prasad
Dr. Avvari Naga Prasad
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul
Verified email at ufms.br
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Synthesis of bio–additive fuels from acetalization of glycerol with benzaldehyde over molybdenum promoted green solid acid catalysts
P Sudarsanam, B Mallesham, AN Prasad, PS Reddy, BM Reddy
Fuel processing technology 106, 539-545, 2013
One pot ‘click’reaction: Cu II–hydrotalcite catalyzed tandem synthesis of β-hydroxy triazoles via regioselective opening of epoxide followed by [3+ 2] cycloaddition
AN Prasad, B Thirupathi, G Raju, R Srinivas, BM Reddy
Catalysis Science & Technology 2 (6), 1264-1268, 2012
Zirconia-based solid acids: green and heterogeneous catalysts for organic synthesis
M K Patil, A N Prasad, B M Reddy
Current Organic Chemistry 15 (23), 3961-3985, 2011
Cu II–hydrotalcite catalyzed one-pot three component synthesis of 2 H-indazoles by consecutive condensation, C–N and N–N bond formations
AN Prasad, R Srinivas, BM Reddy
Catalysis Science & Technology 3 (3), 654-658, 2013
Green progression for synthesis of regioselective β-amino alcohols and chemoselective alkylated indoles
B Thirupathi, R Srinivas, AN Prasad, JKP Kumar, BM Reddy
Organic Process Research & Development 14 (6), 1457-1463, 2010
Cu(II) PBS-bridged PMOs catalyzed one-pot synthesis of 1,4-disubstituted 1,2,3-triazoles in water through click chemistry
SEP Avvari N. Prasad, Benjaram M. Reddy, Eun-Young Jeong
RSC Advances, 2014
A potent larvicidal agent against Aedes aegypti mosquito from cardanol
DR Paiva, DP LIMA, NP Avvari, EJ ARRUDA, I Cabrini, MR Marques, ...
Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências 89 (1), 373-382, 2017
Design, synthesis and fluorescence analysis of potential fluorescent markers based on cardanol and glycerol
FC Braga, AN Prasad, R da Silva Gomes, VA do Nascimento, SL Oliveira, ...
Dyes and Pigments 141, 235-244, 2017
One-Step Synthesis of 1, 2, 5-Trisubstituted Pyrroles by Copper Catalyzed Condensation of 1, 4-Diones with Primary Amines
R Srinivas, B Thirupathi, J K Prashanth Kumar, A N Prasad, B M Reddy
Current Organic Chemistry 16 (20), 2482-2489, 2012
Gender based emotion recognition system for telugu rural dialects using hidden markov models
P Reddy, A Prasad, Y Srinivas, P Brahmaiah
Journal of computing 2 (6), 97, 2010
Synthesis, Antibacterial and Antitubercular Evaluation of Cardanol and Glycerol-Based β-Amino Alcohol Derivatives
BR Manda, AN Prasad, NR Thatikonda, V Lacerda Jr, LR Barbosa, ...
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society 29 (3), 639-648, 2018
Synthesis and enzymatic resolution of racemic 2, 3-epoxy propyl esters obtained from glycerol
YJK Araujo, NP Avvari, DR Paiva, DP de Lima, A Beatriz
Tetrahedron Letters 56 (13), 1696-1698, 2015
Gender Based Emotion Recognition System for Telugu Rural Dialects Using Hidden Markov Models
A Prasad, Y Srinivas, P Brahmaiah
arXiv preprint arXiv:1006.4548, 2010
Cu-Based Solid Catalysts: Applications in Organic Transformations for NHeterocyclic Compounds
A Rangaswamy, A N Prasad, B M Reddy
Current Organic Chemistry 21 (8), 660-673, 2017
Cascade Synthesis of N-Heterocyclic Compounds through One-Pot MCR over CuII-Hydrotalcite Catalyst
Current Catalysis 2, 159-172, 2013
Sulfated Zirconia: An Efficient Catalyst for Solvent-Free Synthesis of Silyl Ethers Under Mild Conditions
B Thirupathi, AN Prasad, R Srinivas, BM Reddy
Synthetic Communications 41 (14), 2064-2072, 2011
Rapid and Efficient N-tert-butoxy carbonylation of Amines Catalyzed by Sulfated Tin Oxide Under Solvent-free Condition
JK Prashanth Kumar, B Thirupathi, AN Prasad, P Smirniotis, BM Reddy
Orbital: The Electronic Journal of Chemistry 10 (7), 503-508, 2019
Cu (I)-phosphine complex: An efficient catalyst for synthesis of 3-indole derivatives through one-pot MCR under mild conditions
AN Prasad, FC Braga, RS Lopes, GA Casagrande, DP de Lima, A Beatriz
Synthetic Communications 48 (1), 104-114, 2018
Synthesis of N-Heterocyclic Compounds through Multicomponent Reactions over Cu-Based Solid Catalysts
Current Organic Chemistry, 2016
Carbon Supported Copper Catalyzed Multi-Component Reaction: An Efficient Synthesis of 3-Indole Derivatives under Mild Conditions in Water
ANPBMR Rapelli Srinivas
Current Catalysis, 2014
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