Mohammad Kalantari
Mohammad Kalantari
Process Engineer, Infinite Water
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Lipase immobilisation on magnetic silica nanocomposite particles: effects of the silica structure on properties of the immobilised enzyme
M Kalantari, M Kazemeini, F Tabandeh, A Arpanaei
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (17), 8385-8393, 2012
Evaluation of biodiesel production using lipase immobilized on magnetic silica nanocomposite particles of various structures
M Kalantari, M Kazemeini, A Arpanaei
Biochemical engineering journal 79, 267-273, 2013
Tailoring mesoporous-silica nanoparticles for robust immobilization of lipase and biocatalysis
M Kalantari, M Yu, Y Yang, E Strounina, Z Gu, X Huang, J Zhang, H Song, ...
Nano Research 10 (2), 605–617, 2017
Facile fabrication and characterization of amino-functionalized Fe3O4 cluster@SiO2 core/shell nanocomposite spheres
M Kalantari, M Kazemeini, A Arpanaei
Materials Research Bulletin 48 (6), 2023-2028, 2013
Rattle-type magnetic mesoporous hollow carbon as a high-performance and reusable adsorbent for water treatment
M Kalantari, M Yu, O Noonan, H Song, C Xu, X Huang, F Xiang, X Wang, ...
Chemosphere 166, 109-117, 2017
Designed synthesis of organosilica nanoparticles for enzymatic biodiesel production
M Kalantari, M Yu, M Jambhrunkar, Y Liu, Y Yang, X Huang, C Yu
Materials Chemistry Frontiers 2, 1334-1342, 2018
Synthesis of biphenyl bridged dendritic mesoporous organosilica with extremely high adsorption of pyrene
S Theivendran, J Zhang, C Tang, M Kalantari, Z Gu, Y Yang, Y Yang, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7, 12029-12037, 2019
Highly-thiolated Dendritic Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles with High-content Gold as Nanozyme: The Nano-Gold Size Matters
M Kalantari, T Ghosh, Y Liu, J Zhang, J Zou, C Lei, C Yu
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (14), 13264–13272, 2019
Dendritic mesoporous carbon nanoparticles for ultrahigh and fast adsorption of anthracene
M Kalantari, J Zhang, Y Liu, C Yu
Chemosphere 215, 716-724, 2019
Superhydrophobic Dendritic Mesoporous Organosilica Nano-particles with Ultrahigh-content and Gradient Organic Moieties
M Kalantari, Y Liu, E Strounina, Y Yang, H Song, C Yu
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (36), 17579-17586, 2018
Mesoporous Carbon Hollow Spheres: Carbonisation-Temperature-Dependent Delivery of Therapeutic Proteins
T Ghosh, M Jambhrunkar, Z Gu, M Kalantari, M Yu, C Yu
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 6, 763-768, 2018
Pristine large pore benzene-bridged mesoporous organosilica nanoparticles as an adjuvant and co-delivery platform for eliciting potent antitumor immunity
M Jambhrunkar, Y Yang, M Yu, M Zhang, PL Abbaraju, T Ghosh, ...
Materials Today Advances 6, 100069, 2020
Thiolated Silica Nanoadsorbents Enable Ultrahigh and Fast Decontamination of Mercury (II): Understanding the Contribution of Thiol Moieties Density and Accessibility on …
M Kalantari, Z Gu, Y Cao, C Lei, J Zhang
Environmental Science: Nano 7 (3), 851-860, 2020
Preparation and Application of Superparamagnetic Double-Shell Magnetite clusters/Nonporous Silica/Porous Silica Nanocomposite Particles as Magnetically Separable Biocatalysts …
M Kalantari, A Arpanaei, M Kazemeini, F Tabandeh
4th International Conference on Nanostructures (ICNS4), Kish, Iran, 2012
Process & apparatus for water treatment
M Kalantari, G Duta, J Lee, K Mahatheva
AU Patent WO 2020/237291 A1, 2020
HydroxonTM AOP; A Step Closer to Potable Reuse
J Pinto, M Kalantari
National Water Recycling & Reuse Technology 2019 Conference, Melbourne …, 2019
Detecting an analyte
C Yu, M Yu, C Lee, M Kalantari
US Patent App. 16/308,219, 2019
Engineering mesoporous silica microspheres as hyper-activation supports for continuous enzymatic biodiesel production
M Kalantari, M Yu, Y Liu, X Huang, C Yu
Materials Chemistry Frontiers 3, 1816-1822, 2019
Synthesis of novel mesoporous materials as high-performance adsorbents
M Kalantari
The University of Queensland, 2018
Mesoporous silica nanoparticles for robust immobilization of lipase and biocatalysis
M Kalantari, C Yu
254th National Meeting and Exposition of the American-Chemical-Society (ACS …, 2017
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