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Gábor Ónodi
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Synchrony matters more than species richness in plant community stability at a global scale
E Valencia, F De Bello, T Galland, PB Adler, J Lepš, A E-Vojtkó, ...
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Changes in assembly rules along a stress gradient from open dry grasslands to wetlands
B Lhotsky, B Kovács, G Ónodi, A Csecserits, T Rédei, A Lengyel, ...
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Extreme effects of drought on composition of the soil bacterial community and decomposition of plant tissue
Z Tóth, A Táncsics, B Kriszt, G Kröel‐Dulay, G Ónodi, E Hornung
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Tree plantations are hot-spots of plant invasion in a landscape with heterogeneous land-use
A Csecserits, Z Botta-Dukát, G Kröel-Dulay, B Lhotsky, G Ónodi, T Rédei, ...
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Differential ecological responses of two generalist arthropod groups, spiders and carabid beetles (Araneae, Carabidae), to the effects of wildfire
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Grazing effects on vegetation composition and on the spread of fire on open sand grasslands
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Synergistic effects of the components of global change: Increased vegetation dynamics in open, forest-steppe grasslands driven by wildfires and year-to-year precipitation …
M Kertész, R Aszalós, A Lengyel, G Ónodi
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Plantation forests cannot support the richness of forest specialist plants in the forest-steppe zone
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Recovery of inland sand dune grasslands following the removal of alien pine plantation
K Szitár, G Ónodi, L Somay, I Pándi, P Kucs, G Kröel-Dulay
Biological Conservation 171, 52-60, 2014
Effects of single and repeated drought on soil microarthropods in a semi-arid ecosystem depend more on timing and duration than drought severity
N Flórián, M Ladányi, A Ittzés, G Kröel-Dulay, G Ónodi, M Mucsi, ...
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Estimating aboveground herbaceous plant biomass via proxies: The confounding effects of sampling year and precipitation
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Ecological Indicators 79, 355-360, 2017
Experimental drought indirectly enhances the individual performance and the abundance of an invasive annual weed
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Enhancement of ecological field experimental research by means of UAV multispectral sensing
R Díaz-Delgado, G Ónodi, G Kröel-Dulay, M Kertész
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Contrasting effects of land use legacies on grassland restoration in burnt pine plantations
K Szitár, G Ónodi, L Somay, I Pándi, P Kucs, G Kröel-Dulay
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The potential of common ragweed for further spread: invasibility of different habitats and the role of disturbances and propagule pressure
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Effects of simulated grazing on open perennial sand grassland
G Ónodi, M Kertész, Z Botta-Dukát
Community Ecology 7 (2), 133-141, 2006
Directional trends in species composition over time can lead to a widespread overemphasis of year‐to‐year asynchrony
E Valencia, F De Bello, J Lepš, T Galland, A E‐Vojtkó, L Conti, ...
Journal of Vegetation Science 31 (5), 792-802, 2020
Within-generation and transgenerational plasticity in growth and regeneration of a subordinate annual grass in a rainfall experiment
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Oecologia 188, 1059-1068, 2018
Comparing the accuracy of three non-destructive methods in estimating aboveground plant biomass
G Ónodi, G Kröel-Dulay, E Kovács-Láng, P Ódor, Z Botta-Dukát, B Lhotsky, ...
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Root capacitance measurements allow non-intrusive in-situ monitoring of the seasonal dynamics and drought response of root activity in two grassland species
I Cseresnyés, K Rajkai, K Szitár, L Radimszky, G Ónodi, G Kröel-Dulay
Plant and Soil 449, 423-437, 2020
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