Wulf Haubensak
Wulf Haubensak
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Neurons arise in the basal neuroepithelium of the early mammalian telencephalon: a major site of neurogenesis
W Haubensak, A Attardo, W Denk, WB Huttner
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 101 (9), 3196-3201, 2004
Genetic dissection of an amygdala microcircuit that gates conditioned fear
W Haubensak, PS Kunwar, H Cai, S Ciocchi, NR Wall, R Ponnusamy, ...
Nature 468 (7321), 270-276, 2010
Asymmetric distribution of the apical plasma membrane during neurogenic divisions of mammalian neuroepithelial cells
Y Kosodo, K Röper, W Haubensak, AM Marzesco, D Corbeil, WB Huttner
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F Calegari, W Haubensak, C Haffner, WB Huttner
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Central amygdala PKC-δ+ neurons mediate the influence of multiple anorexigenic signals
H Cai, W Haubensak, TE Anthony, DJ Anderson
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Tissue-specific RNA interference in postimplantation mouse embryos with endoribonuclease-prepared short interfering RNA
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Live imaging at the onset of cortical neurogenesis reveals differential appearance of the neuronal phenotype in apical versus basal progenitor progeny
A Attardo, F Calegari, W Haubensak, M Wilsch-Bräuninger, WB Huttner
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BDNF-GFP containing secretory granules are localized in the vicinity of synaptic junctions of cultured cortical neurons
W Haubensak, F Narz, R Heumann, V Leßmann
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Virtual reality for freely moving animals
JR Stowers, M Hofbauer, R Bastien, J Griessner, P Higgins, S Farooqui, ...
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Fast, convenient, and effective method to transiently transfect primary hippocampal neurons
M Köhrmann, W Haubensak, I Hemraj, C Kaether, VJ Leßmann, ...
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Dorsal tegmental dopamine neurons gate associative learning of fear
F Groessl, T Munsch, S Meis, J Griessner, J Kaczanowska, P Pliota, ...
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Ultrathin coatings from isocyanate terminated star PEG prepolymers: Patterning of proteins on the layers
J Groll, W Haubensak, T Ameringer, M Moeller
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Identification of ALK in Thinness
M Orthofer, A Valsesia, R Mägi, QP Wang, J Kaczanowska, I Kozieradzki, ...
Cell 181 (6), 1246-1262. e22, 2020
Tis21 expression marks not only populations of neurogenic precursor cells but also new postmitotic neurons in adult hippocampal neurogenesis
A Attardo, K Fabel, J Krebs, W Haubensak, WB Huttner, G Kempermann
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Stress peptides sensitize fear circuitry to promote passive coping
P Pliota, V Böhm, F Grössl, J Griessner, O Valenti, K Kraitsy, ...
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Optimizing and extending light-sculpting microscopy for fast functional imaging in neuroscience
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A role for miR-132 in learned safety
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