Pratik Shah
Pratik Shah
Assistant Professor, Roskilde University
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Design aspects of bright red emissive silver nanoclusters/DNA probes for microRNA detection
P Shah, A Rørvig-Lund, SB Chaabane, PW Thulstrup, HG Kjaergaard, ...
Acs Nano 6, 8803-8814, 2012
COP1 E3 ligase protects HYL1 to retain microRNA biogenesis
SK Cho, SB Chaabane, P Shah, CP Poulsen, SW Yang
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P Shah, PW Thulstrup, SK Cho, YJ Bhang, JC Ahn, SW Choi, MJ Bjerrum, ...
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Locking-to-unlocking system is an efficient strategy to design DNA/silver nanoclusters (AgNCs) probe for human miRNAs
P Shah, SW Choi, H Kim, SK Cho, YJ Bhang, MY Ryu, PW Thulstrup, ...
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Noncanonical head-to-head hairpin DNA dimerization is essential for the synthesis of orange emissive silver nanoclusters
P Shah, R Nagda, IL Jung, YJ Bhang, SW Jeon, CS Lee, C Do, K Nam, ...
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Multiplexed microRNA detection using lanthanide-labeled DNA probes and laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
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Cesium toxicity alters microRNA processing and AGO1 expressions in Arabidopsis thaliana
IL Jung, M Ryu, SK Cho, P Shah, JH Lee, H Bae, IG Kim, SW Yang
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MicroRNA biomarkers in neurodegenerative diseases and emerging nanosensors technology
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Effect of salts, solvents and buffer on miRNA detection using DNA silver nanocluster (DNA/AgNCs) probes
P Shah, SK Cho, PW Thulstrup, YJ Bhang, JC Ahn, SW Choi, ...
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Formation and structure of fluorescent silver nanoclusters at interfacial binding sites facilitating oligomerization of DNA hairpins
R Geczy, NJ Christensen, KK Rasmussen, I Kálomista, MK Tiwari, P Shah, ...
Angewandte Chemie 132 (37), 16225-16231, 2020
The structural shift of a DNA template between a hairpin and a dimer tunes the emission color of DNA-templated AgNCs
P Shah, SW Choi, R Nagda, R Geczy, SK Cho, YJ Bhang, TH Kim, ...
Nanoscale 10 (44), 20717-20722, 2018
DNA/RNA chimera templates improve the emission intensity and target the accessibility of silver nanocluster-based sensors for human microRNA detection
P Shah, SW Choi, H Kim, SK Cho, PW Thulstrup, MJ Bjerrum, YJ Bhang, ...
Analyst 140 (10), 3422-3430, 2015
Silver nanoclusters serve as fluorescent rivets linking hoogsteen triplex DNA and hairpin-loop DNA structures
R Nagda, S Park, IL Jung, K Nam, HC Yadavalli, YM Kim, K Yang, J Kang, ...
ACS nano 16 (8), 13211-13222, 2022
Post-translational regulation of miRNA pathway components, AGO1 and HYL1, in plants
SK Cho, MY Ryu, P Shah, CP Poulsen, SW Yang
Molecules and cells 39 (8), 581-586, 2016
HYL1-CLEAVAGE SUBTILASE 1 (HCS1) suppresses miRNA biogenesis in response to light-to-dark transition
HJ Jung, SW Choi, KH Boo, JE Kim, YK Oh, MK Han, MY Ryu, CW Lee, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (6), e2116757119, 2022
DNA–RNA chimera indicates the flexibility of the backbone influences the encapsulation of fluorescent AgNC emitters
P Shah, PW Thulstrup, SK Cho, MJ Bjerrum, SW Yang
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Structural influence on the post-clustering stability of DNA/AgNCs fluorescence
R Nagda, P Shah, CS Lee, S Park, SW Yang
Nanomaterials 9 (5), 667, 2019
Circulating micro-RNAs differentially expressed in Korean Alzheimer’s patients with brain Aβ accumulation activate amyloidogenesis
S Mankhong, S Kim, S Moon, SH Choi, HB Kwak, DH Park, P Shah, ...
The Journals of Gerontology: Series A 78 (2), 292-303, 2023
Tailed‐Hoogsteen Triplex DNA Silver Nanoclusters Emit Red Fluorescence upon Target miRNA Sensing
HC Yadavalli, S Park, Y Kim, R Nagda, TH Kim, MK Han, IL Jung, ...
Small 20 (13), 2306793, 2024
Small RNA detection method based on small RNA primed xenosensor module amplification
SW Yang, SK Cho, P Shah, RN Nagda
US Patent 11,591,646, 2023
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