Rebecca Adler-Nissen
Rebecca Adler-Nissen
Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen
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Power in practice: Negotiating the international intervention in Libya
R Adler-Nissen, V Pouliot
European Journal of International Relations 20 (4), 889-911., 2014
Stigma Management in International Relations: Transgressive Identities, Norms, and Order in International Society
R Adler-Nissen
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R Adler-Nissen
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R Adler-Nissen
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R Adler‐Nissen
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Symbolic Power in European Diplomacy: The Struggle Between National Foreign Services and the EU's External Action Service
R Adler-Nissen
Review of International Studies 40 (4), 657-681, 2014
Behind the scenes of differentiated integration: circumventing national opt-outs in Justice and Home Affairs
R Adler-Nissen
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Symbolic power in European diplomacy: the struggle between national foreign services and the EU's External Action Service
R Adler-Nissen
Review of International Studies 40 (4), 657-681, 2014
Towards a practice turn in EU studies: The everyday of European integration
R Adler‐Nissen
JCMS: journal of common market studies 54 (1), 87-103, 2016
A Sociology of Knowledge Approach to European Integration: Four Analytical Principles
R Adler-Nissen, K Kropp
Journal of European Integration 37 (2), 155-173, 2015
Opting out of an ever closer union: the integration doxa and the management of sovereignty
R Adler-Nissen
West European Politics 34 (5), 1092-1113, 2011
Another theory is possible: dissident voices in theorising Europe
I Manners, R Whitman
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Late sovereign diplomacy
R Adler-Nissen
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N Parker, R Adler-Nissen
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Sovereignty games: instrumentalizing state sovereignty in Europe and beyond
Palgrave MacMillan, 2008
Performing Brexit: How a post-Brexit world is imagined outside the United Kingdom
R Adler-Nissen, C Galpin, B Rosamond
The British Journal of Politics and International Relations 19 (3), 573-591, 2017
Organized duplicity? When states opt out of the European union
R Adler-Nissen
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On a field trip with Bourdieu
R Adler‐Nissen
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R Adler-Nissen, UP Gad
Routledge, 2013
Conclusion: Relationalism: why diplomats find international relations theory strange
R Adler-Nissen
Diplomacy: The Making of World Politics, 2015
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