Maria Grazia Perrone
Maria Grazia Perrone
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Differences in cytotoxicity versus pro-inflammatory potency of different PM fractions in human epithelial lung cells
M Gualtieri, J Øvrevik, JA Holme, MG Perrone, E Bolzacchini, ...
Toxicology in vitro 24 (1), 29-39, 2010
Seasonal variations in chemical composition and in vitro biological effects of fine PM from Milan.
MG Perrone, M Gualtieri, L Ferrero, PC Lo, R Udisti, E Bolzacchini, ...
Chemosphere 78 (11), 1368, 2010
Sources of high PM2. 5 concentrations in Milan, Northern Italy: Molecular marker data and CMB modelling
MG Perrone, BR Larsen, L Ferrero, G Sangiorgi, G De Gennaro, R Udisti, ...
Science of the total environment, 2011
Airborne transmission route of COVID-19: why 2 meters/6 feet of inter-personal distance could not Be enough
L Setti, F Passarini, G De Gennaro, P Barbieri, MG Perrone, M Borelli, ...
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17 (8), 2932, 2020
Winter fine particulate matter from Milan induces morphological and functional alterations in human pulmonary epithelial cells (A549)
M Gualtieri, P Mantecca, V Corvaja, E Longhin, MG Perrone, ...
Toxicology letters 188 (1), 52-62, 2009
Particle size, chemical composition, seasons of the year and urban, rural or remote site origins as determinants of biological effects of particulate matter on pulmonary cells
MG Perrone, M Gualtieri, V Consonni, L Ferrero, G Sangiorgi, E Longhin, ...
Environmental Pollution 176, 215-227, 2013
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the atmosphere: monitoring, sources, sinks and fate. II: Sinks and fate
D Vione, S Barra, G De Gennaro, M De Rienzo, S Gilardoni, MG Perrone, ...
Annali di Chimica: Journal of Analytical, Environmental and Cultural …, 2004
Indoor airborne particle sources and semi-volatile partitioning effect of outdoor fine PM in offices
G Sangiorgi, L Ferrero, BS Ferrini, CL Porto, MG Perrone, R Zangrando, ...
Atmospheric environment 65, 205-214, 2013
SARS-Cov-2RNA Found on Particulate Matter of Bergamo in Northern Italy: First Evidence
L Setti, F Passarini, G De Gennaro, P Barbieri, MG Perrone, M Borelli, ...
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Spatial and seasonal variability of carbonaceous aerosol across Italy
S Sandrini, S Fuzzi, A Piazzalunga, P Prati, P Bonasoni, F Cavalli, ...
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Sources for PM air pollution in the Po Plain, Italy: I. Critical comparison of methods for estimating biomass burning contributions to benzo (a) pyrene
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Atmospheric Environment 45 (39), 7266-7275, 2011
Vertical profiles of aerosol absorption coefficient from micro-Aethalometer data and Mie calculation over Milan
L Ferrero, G Mocnik, BS Ferrini, MG Perrone, G Sangiorgi, E Bolzacchini
Science of the Total Environment 409 (14), 2824-2837, 2011
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the atmosphere: Monitoring, sources, sinks and fate. I: Monitoring and sources
L Pozzoli, S Gilardoni, MG Perrone, G de Gennaro, M de Rienzo, D Vione
Annali di Chimica: Journal of Analytical, Environmental and Cultural …, 2004
Impact of black carbon aerosol over Italian basin valleys: high-resolution measurements along vertical profiles, radiative forcing and heating rate
L Ferrero, M Castelli, B Ferrini, M Moscatelli, M Perrone, G Sangiorgi, ...
Copernicus GmbH 14 (18), 9641-9664, 2014
PM chemical composition and oxidative potential of the soluble fraction of particles at two sites in the urban area of Milan, Northern Italy
MG Perrone, J Zhou, M Malandrino, G Sangiorgi, C Rizzi, L Ferrero, ...
Atmospheric Environment 128, 104-113, 2016
Exhaust emissions of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, n-alkanes and phenols from vehicles coming within different European classes
MG Perrone, C Carbone, D Faedo, L Ferrero, A Maggioni, G Sangiorgi, ...
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Vertically-resolved particle size distribution within and above the mixing layer over the Milan metropolitan area
L Ferrero, MG Perrone, S Petraccone, G Sangiorgi, BS Ferrini, CL Porto, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 10, 3915-3932, 2010
Mixing height determination by tethered balloon-based particle soundings and modeling simulations
L Ferrero, A Riccio, MG Perrone, G Sangiorgi, BS Ferrini, E Bolzacchini
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A new methodology to assess the performance and uncertainty of source apportionment models II: The results of two European intercomparison exercises
Atmospheric Environment 123, 240-250, 2005
Wintertime aerosol dynamics and chemical composition across the mixing layer over basin valleys
L Ferrero, D Cappelletti, B Moroni, G Sangiorgi, MG Perrone, ...
Atmospheric environment 56, 143-153, 2012
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