Shahrokh Safarian
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Methotrexate-loaded nitrogen-doped graphene quantum dots nanocarriers as an efficient anticancer drug delivery system
F Khodadadei, S Safarian, N Ghanbari
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miR-96-5p targets PTEN expression affecting radio-chemosensitivity of HNSCC cells
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Tamoxifen-induced apoptosis of MCF-7 cells via GPR30/PI3K/MAPKs interactions: verification by ODE modeling and RNA sequencing
M Rouhimoghadam, S Safarian, JS Carroll, N Sheibani, G Bidkhori
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QSAR analysis for ADA upon interaction with a series of adenine derivatives as inhibitors
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Molten globule-like state of bovine carbonic anhydrase in the presence of acetonitrile
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Augmentation of the cytotoxic effects of zinc oxide nanoparticles by MTCP conjugation: non-canonical apoptosis and autophagy induction in human adenocarcinoma breast cancer …
N Mozdoori, S Safarian, N Sheibani
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F Bagheri, S Safarian, MB Eslaminejad, N Sheibani
Cellular Oncology 36, 515-526, 2013
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