Simon Bressendorff
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Catalase and NO CATALASE ACTIVITY1 Promote Autophagy-Dependent Cell Death in Arabidopsis      
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Identification of Gene Transcription Start Sites and Enhancers Responding to Pulmonary Carbon Nanotube Exposure in Vivo
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Transcriptome and genome size analysis of the Venus flytrap
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Recurrent requirement for the m6A-ECT2/ECT3/ECT4 axis in the control of cell proliferation during plant organogenesis
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The transmembrane autophagy cargo receptors ATI1 and ATI2 interact with ATG8 through intrinsically disordered regions with distinct biophysical properties
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Chitin-Induced Responses in the Moss Physcomitrella patens
S Bressendorff, MW Rasmussen, M Petersen, J Mundy
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Immunity in the moss Physcomitrella patens
S Bressendorff
University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science, Department of Biology, 2012
Chitin and Stress Induced Protein Kinase Activation
C Kenchappa, RA da Silva, S Bressendorff, S Stanimirovic, J Olsen, ...
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The Arabidopsis autophagy cargo receptors ATI1 and ATI2 bind to ATG8 via intrinsically disordered regions and are post-translationally modified upon ATG8 interaction
IMZ Sjøgaard, S Bressendorff, A Prestel, S Kausika, E Oksbjerg, ...
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Autophagy-Dependent Cell Death in ArabidopsisC W OPEN
T Hackenberg, T Juul, A Auzina, S Gwiżdż, A Małolepszy, ...
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