Nina Boberg-Fazlic
Nina Boberg-Fazlic
Department of Business and Economics, TU Dortmund University
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Survival of the richest? Social status, fertility and social mobility in England 1541-1824
N Boberg-Fazlic, P Sharp, J Weisdorf
European Review of Economic History 15 (3), 365-392, 2011
Disease and fertility: Evidence from the 1918–19 influenza pandemic in Sweden
N Boberg-Fazlic, M Ivets, M Karlsson, T Nilsson
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N Boberg‐Fazlić, P Sharp
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'Getting to Denmark': The Role of Elites for Development
N Boberg-Fazlic, PS Jensen, M Lampe, PR Sharp, C Skovsgaard
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Immigrant Communities and Knowledge Spillovers: Danish-Americans and the Development of the Dairy Industry in the United States
N Boberg-Fazlic, PR Sharp
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North and south: long-run social mobility in England and attitudes toward welfare
N Boberg-Fazlić, P Sharp
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Pandemics and Protectionism: Evidence from the “Spanish” flu
N Boberg-Fazlic, M Lampe, MU Pedersen, P Sharp
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Pandemics and protectionism: evidence from the" Spanish" flu
PR Sharp, MU Pedersen, M Lampe, N Boberg-Fazlic
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Winners and Losers from Enclosure: Evidence from Danish Land Inequality 1682-1895
N Boberg-Fazlic, M Lampe, P Martinelli Lasheras, PR Sharp
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Survival of the Richest? Testing the Clark hypothesis using English pre-industrial data from family reconstitution records
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Is there a Refugee Gap? Evidence from Over a Century of Danish Naturalizations
N Boberg-Fazlic, PR Sharp
CEPR Discussion Paper No. DP15183, 2020
The Sleeping Giant Who Left for America: The Determinants and Impact of Danish Emigration During the Age of Mass Migration
N Boberg-Fazlić, M Lampe, P Sharp
EHES Working Paper, 2021
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