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Atrial fibrillation: the role of common and rare genetic variants
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The genetic component of Brugada syndrome
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JB Nielsen, RB Thorolfsdottir, LG Fritsche, W Zhou, MW Skov, SE Graham, ...
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Numerous Brugada syndrome–associated genetic variants have no effect on J-point elevation, syncope susceptibility, malignant cardiac arrhythmia, and all-cause mortality
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Distinguishing pathogenic mutations from background genetic noise in cardiology: The use of large genome databases for genetic interpretation
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Genome-wide association study of 1 million people identifies 111 loci for atrial fibrillation
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Electrocardiographic preexcitation and risk of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality: Results from the Copenhagen ECG study
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Clinical implications of electrocardiographic bundle branch block in primary care
PV Rasmussen, MW Skov, J Ghouse, A Pietersen, SM Hansen, ...
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Screening of the ito regulatory subunit klf15 in patients with early-onset lone atrial fibrillation
MW Nielsen, MS Olesen, L Refsgaard, S Haunso, JH Svendsen
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Genome-wide association study identifies locus at chromosome 2q32. 1 associated with syncope and collapse
K Hadji-Turdeghal, L Andreasen, CM Hagen, G Ahlberg, J Ghouse, ...
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Genetical component of the QT interval is associated with increased mortality in the general population
JK Kanters, J Ghouse, MW Skov, JL Isaksen, M Christiansen, C Graff, ...
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Early glycemic changes after initiation of oral anti-diabetic medication and risk of major adverse cardiovascular events: results from a large primary care population of …
J Ghouse, MW Skov, MS Olesen, AG Holst, JB Nielsen
EUROPEAN HEART JOURNAL 40, 3874-3874, 2019
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