Peter Bjørn Jørgensen
Peter Bjørn Jørgensen
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Deep learning spectroscopy: Neural networks for molecular excitation spectra
K Ghosh, A Stuke, M Todorović, PB Jørgensen, MN Schmidt, A Vehtari, ...
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Artificial intelligence applied to battery research: hype or reality?
T Lombardo, M Duquesnoy, H El-Bouysidy, F Årén, A Gallo-Bueno, ...
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Machine learning-based screening of complex molecules for polymer solar cells
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A Bhowmik, IE Castelli, JM Garcia-Lastra, PB Jørgensen, O Winther, ...
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Neural message passing with edge updates for predicting properties of molecules and materials
PB Jørgensen, KW Jacobsen, MN Schmidt
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Deep generative models for molecular science
PB Jørgensen, MN Schmidt, O Winther
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DeepDFT: Neural Message Passing Network for Accurate Charge Density Prediction
PB Jørgensen, A Bhowmik
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NeuralNEB—Neural Networks can find reaction paths fast
M Schreiner, A Bhowmik, T Vegge, PB Jørgensen, O Winther
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Equivariant graph neural networks for fast electron density estimation of molecules, liquids, and solids
PB Jørgensen, A Bhowmik
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Brokering between tenants for an international materials acceleration platform
M Vogler, J Busk, H Hajiyani, PB Jørgensen, N Safaei, IE Castelli, ...
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On-the-fly assessment of diffusion barriers of disordered transition metal oxyfluorides using local descriptors
JH Chang, PB Jørgensen, S Loftager, A Bhowmik, JMG Lastra, T Vegge
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Materials property prediction using symmetry-labeled graphs as atomic-position independent descriptors
PB Jørgensen, EG del Río, MN Schmidt, KW Jacobsen
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An Iterative Receiver for OFDM With Sparsity-Based Parametric Channel Estimation
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Machine learning: deep learning spectroscopy: neural networks for molecular excitation spectra (adv. Sci. 9/2019)
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Implementation of LTE SC-FDMA on the USRP2 software defined radio platform
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Bayesian Compressed Sensing with Unknown Measurement Noise Level
TL Hansen, PB Jørgensen, NL Pedersen, CN Manchón, BH Fleury
Joint sparse channel estimation and decoding: Continuous and discrete domain sparsity
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Accelerated Workflow for Antiperovskite‐based Solid State Electrolytes
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Compressed sensing with rank deficient dictionaries
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2012 IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM), 3594-3599, 2012
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