Francesca Grisoni
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CERAPP: collaborative estrogen receptor activity prediction project
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De Novo Design of Bioactive Small Molecules by Artificial Intelligence
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Drug discovery with explainable artificial intelligence
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CoMPARA: collaborative modeling project for androgen receptor activity
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Designing anticancer peptides by constructive machine learning
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Chemical profiling and multivariate data fusion methods for the identification of the botanical origin of honey
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Scaffold hopping from natural products to synthetic mimetics by holistic molecular similarity
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Generative molecular design in low data regimes
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Computer-assisted discovery of retinoid X receptor modulating natural products and isofunctional mimetics
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Bidirectional molecule generation with recurrent neural networks
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QSAR models for bioconcentration: is the increase in the complexity justified by more accurate predictions?
F Grisoni, V Consonni, S Villa, M Vighi, R Todeschini
Chemosphere 127, 171-179, 2015
Expert QSAR system for predicting the bioconcentration factor under the REACH regulation
F Grisoni, V Consonni, M Vighi, S Villa, R Todeschini
Environmental research 148, 507-512, 2016
A new concept of higher-order similarity and the role of distance/similarity measures in local classification methods
R Todeschini, D Ballabio, V Consonni, F Grisoni
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Investigating the mechanisms of bioconcentration through QSAR classification trees
F Grisoni, V Consonni, M Vighi, S Villa, R Todeschini
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A QSTR-based expert system to predict sweetness of molecules
C Rojas, R Todeschini, D Ballabio, A Mauri, V Consonni, P Tripaldi, ...
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Reshaped Sequential Replacement algorithm: an efficient approach to variable selection
M Cassotti, F Grisoni, R Todeschini
Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems 133, 136-148, 2014
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