Jayashree S. Ranga
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Customized Videos on a YouTube Channel: A Beyond the Classroom Teaching and Learning Platform for General Chemistry Courses
JS Ranga
Journal of Chemical Education 94 (7), 867–872, 2017
Ruthenium cluster-like chalcogenide as a methanol tolerant cathode catalyst in air-breathing laminar flow fuel cells
DT Whipple, RS Jayashree, D Egas, N Alonso-Vante, PJA Kenis
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Disorder in layered hydroxides: DIFFaX simulation of the X-ray powder diffraction patterns of nickel hydroxide
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RS Jayashree, PV Kamath
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Electrochemically Imprenated Aluminum‐Stabilized α‐Nickel Hydroxide Electrodes
M Dixit, RS Jayashree, PV Kamath, AK Shukla, VG Kumar, ...
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Multipurpose Use of Explain Everything iPad App for Teaching Chemistry Courses
JS Ranga
Journal of Chemical Education 95 (5), 895-898, 2018
Probing the mobility of lithium in LISICON: Li+/H+ exchange studies in Li 2 ZnGeO 4 and Li 2+ 2x Zn 1− x GeO 4
L Sebastian, RS Jayashree, J Gopalakrishnan
Journal of Materials Chemistry 13 (6), 1400-1405, 2003
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