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Antioxidative and antimicrobial edible chitosan films blended with stem, leaf and seed extracts of Pistacia terebinthus for active food packaging
M Kaya, S Khadem, YS Cakmak, M Mujtaba, S İlk, L Akyuz, AM Salaberria, ...
RSC Advances 8, 3941-3950, 2018
Production and characterization of chitosan based edible films from Berberis crataegina's fruit extract and seed oil
M Kaya, P Ravikumar, S İlk, M Mujtaba, L Akyuz, J Labidi, AM Salaberria, ...
Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 45, 287-297, 2018
Chitosan nanoparticles enhances the anti-quorum sensing activity of kaempferol
S İlk, N Sağlam, M Özgen, F Korkusuz
International journal of biological macromolecules 94, 653-662, 2017
Kaempferol loaded lecithin/chitosan nanoparticles: preparation, characterization, and their potential applications as a sustainable antifungal agent
S İlk, N Saglam, M Özgen
Potential use of kraft and organosolv lignins as a natural additive for healthcare products
O Gordobil, R Herrera, M Yahyaoui, S İlk, M Kaya, J Labidi
RSC Advances 8, 24525–24533, 2018
Diatomite as a novel composite ingredient for chitosan film with enhanced physicochemical properties
L Akyuz, M Kaya, B Koc, M Mujtaba, S İlk, J Labidi, AM Salaberria, ...
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 105 (2), 1401-1411, 2017
Supplementing capsaicin with chitosan-based films enhanced the anti-quorum sensing, antimicrobial, antioxidant, transparency, elasticity and hydrophobicity
L Akyuz, M Kaya, M Mujtaba, S İlk, I Sargin, AM Salaberria, J Labidi, ...
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 115, 438-446, 2018
Production and characterization of chitosan-fungal extract films
B Koc, L Akyuz, YS Cakmak, I Sargin, AM Salaberria, J Labidi, S Ilk, ...
Food Bioscience 35, 100545, 2020
Effect of different animal fat and plant oil additives on physicochemical, mechanical, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of chitosan films
L Akyuz, M Kaya, S İlk, YS Cakmak, AM Salaberria, J Labidi, ...
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 111 (2018), 475-484, 2018
False flax (Camelina sativa) seed oil as suitable ingredient for the enhancement of physicochemical and biological properties of chitosan films
M Gursoy, I Sargin, M Mujtaba, B Akyuz, S İlk, L Akyuz, M Kaya, ...
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 114, 1224-1232, 2018
Novel, multifunctional mucilage composite films incorporated with cellulose nanofibers
M Mujtaba, L Akyuz, B Koc, M Kaya, S İlk, CD Demet, AM Salaberria, ...
Food Hydrocolloids 89, 20-29, 2019
Production of novel chia-mucilage nanocomposite films with starch nanocrystals; An inclusive biological and physicochemical perspective
M Mujtaba, B Koç, AM Salaberria, D Cansaran Duman, S İlk, L Akyüz, ...
International journal of biological macromolecules 133, 663-673, 2019
New biobased non-ionic hyperbranched polymers as environmentally friendly antibacterial additives for biopolymers
CR Arza, S İlk, D Demircan, B Zhang
Green Chemistry 20, 1238-1249, 2018
Immobilization of laccase onto a porous nanocomposite: application for textile dye degradation
S İlk, D Demircan, S Sağlam, N Sağlam, ZMO Rzayev
Turkish Journal of Chemistry 40 (2), 262-276, 2016
Cellulose-Organic Montmorillonite Nanocomposites as Biomacromolecular Quorum-Sensing Inhibitor
D Demircan, S İlk, B Zhang
Biomacromolecules 18 (10), 3439-3446, 2017
Innovation of Strategies and Challenges for Fungal Nanobiotechnology
N Saglam, O Yesilada, A Cabuk, M Sam, S Saglam, S İlk, E Emul, ...
Advances and Applications Through Fungal Nanobiotechnology, 25-46, 2016
Usage of natural chitosan membrane obtained from insect corneal lenses as a drug carrier and its potential for point of care tests
S İlk, A Ramanauskaitė, B Koç Bilican, P Mulerčikas, D Çam, MS Onses, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 112, 2020
Investigation the potential use of silver nanoparticles synthesized by propolis extract as N-acyl-homoserine lactone-mediated quorum sensing systems inhibitor
S İlk, G Tan, E Emül, N Sağlam
Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences 50 (4), 1147-1156, 2020
Chitosan/Octadecylamine-Montmorillonite Nanocomposite Containing Nigella arvensis Extract as Improved Antimicrobial Biofilm Against Foodborne Pathogens
S İlk, M Şener, M Vural, S Serçe
BioNanoScience 8, 1014-1020, 2018
Green Synthesis and Biogenic Materials, Characterization, and Their Applications
G Tan, S İlk, E Emul, MD Asik, M Sam, S Altindag, E Birhanli, E Apohan, ...
Microbial Nanobionics, 29-61, 2019
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