Dina Morshedi
Dina Morshedi
Associate professor biochemistry
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Inhibition of amyloid fibrillation of lysozyme by indole derivatives− possible mechanism of action
D Morshedi, N Rezaei‐Ghaleh, A Ebrahim‐Habibi, S Ahmadian, ...
The FEBS journal 274 (24), 6415-6425, 2007
Using protein nanofibrils to remove azo dyes from aqueous solution by the coagulation process
D Morshedi, Z Mohammadi, MMA Boojar, F Aliakbari
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 112, 245-254, 2013
Chemical modification of lysine residues in lysozyme may dramatically influence its amyloid fibrillation
D Morshedi, A Ebrahim-Habibi, AA Moosavi-Movahedi, M Nemat-Gorgani
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Proteins and Proteomics 1804 (4), 714-722, 2010
Cuminaldehyde as the Major Component of Cuminum cyminum, a Natural Aldehyde with Inhibitory Effect on Alpha‐Synuclein Fibrillation and Cytotoxicity
D Morshedi, F Aliakbari, A Tayaranian‐Marvian, A Fassihi, F Pan‐Montojo, ...
Journal of food science 80 (10), H2336-H2345, 2015
Curcumin-loaded amine-functionalized mesoporous silica nanoparticles inhibit α-synuclein fibrillation and reduce its cytotoxicity-associated effects
N Taebnia, D Morshedi, S Yaghmaei, F Aliakbari, F Rahimi, A Arpanaei
Langmuir 32 (50), 13394-13402, 2016
Oleuropein derivatives from olive fruit extracts reduce α-synuclein fibrillation and oligomer toxicity
H Mohammad-Beigi, F Aliakbari, C Sahin, C Lomax, A Tawfike, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 294 (11), 4215-4232, 2019
Amyloidogenic potential of α‐chymotrypsin in different conformational states
N Rezaei‐Ghaleh, M Zweckstetter, D Morshedi, A Ebrahim‐Habibi, ...
Biopolymers: Original Research on Biomolecules 91 (1), 28-36, 2009
The potential of zwitterionic nanoliposomes against neurotoxic alpha-synuclein aggregates in Parkinson's Disease
F Aliakbari, H Mohammad-Beigi, N Rezaei-Ghaleh, S Becker, ...
Nanoscale 10 (19), 9174-9185, 2018
Strong interactions with polyethylenimine-coated human serum albumin nanoparticles (PEI-HSA NPs) alter α-synuclein conformation and aggregation kinetics
H Mohammad-Beigi, SA Shojaosadati, AT Marvian, JN Pedersen, ...
Nanoscale 7 (46), 19627-19640, 2015
Formulation and anti-neurotoxic activity of baicalein-incorporating neutral nanoliposome
F Aliakbari, AA Shabani, H Bardania, H Mohammad-Beigi, AT Marvian, ...
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 161, 578-587, 2018
The effect of mesoporous silica nanoparticle surface chemistry and concentration on the α-synuclein fibrillation
N Taebnia, D Morshedi, M Doostkam, S Yaghmaei, F Aliakbari, G Singh, ...
Rsc Advances 5 (75), 60966-60974, 2015
Benzofuranone derivatives as effective small molecules related to insulin amyloid fibrillation: a structure–function study
A Rabiee, A Ebrahim‐Habibi, L Navidpour, D Morshedi, A Ghasemi, ...
Chemical biology & drug design 78 (4), 659-666, 2011
The effects of organic solvents on the physicochemical properties of human serum albumin nanoparticles
H Mohammad-Beigi, SA Shojaosadati, D Morshedi, N Mirzazadeh, ...
Iranian journal of biotechnology 14 (1), 45, 2016
Protein-protein interactions leading to aggregation: perspectives on mechanism, significance and control
A Ebrahim-Habibi, D Morshedi, N Rezaei-Ghaleh, M Sabbaghian, ...
Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society 7 (3), 521-544, 2010
Preparation and in vitro characterization of gallic acid-loaded human serum albumin nanoparticles
H Mohammad-Beigi, SA Shojaosadati, D Morshedi, A Arpanaei, ...
Journal of nanoparticle research 17 (4), 167, 2015
Identification and characterization of a compound from Cuminum cyminum essential oil with antifibrilation and cytotoxic effect
D Morshedi, TS Kesejini, F Aliakbari, R Karami-Osboo, M Shakibaei, ...
Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences 9 (6), 431, 2014
The inhibitory effects of cuminaldehyde on amyloid fibrillation and cytotoxicity of alpha-synuclein
D Morshedi, F Aliakbari
Pathobiology Research 15 (1), 45-60, 2012
In vitro models of synucleinopathies: informing on molecular mechanisms and protective strategies
AT Marvian, DJ Koss, F Aliakbari, D Morshedi, TF Outeiro
Journal of neurochemistry 150 (5), 535-565, 2019
Gallic acid loaded onto polyethylenimine-coated human serum albumin nanoparticles (PEI-HSA-GA NPs) stabilizes α-synuclein in the unfolded conformation and inhibits aggregation
H Mohammad-Beigi, D Morshedi, SA Shojaosadati, JN Pedersen, ...
Rsc Advances 6 (88), 85312-85323, 2016
Inhibitory effects of several essential oils towards Salmonella typhimurium, Salmonella paratyphi A and Salmonella paratyphi B
SF Mazhar, F Aliakbari, OR KARAMI, D Morshedi, P Shariati, ...
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