Vahid Mahdavi
Vahid Mahdavi
Associate professor of Physical Chemistry, Arak University, Iran
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Synthesis of higher alcohols from syngas over Cu-Co2O3/ZnO, Al2O3 catalyst
V Mahdavi, MH Peyrovi, M Islami, JY Mehr
Applied Catalysis A: General 281 (1-2), 259-265, 2005
Optimization of operational conditions for biodiesel production from cottonseed oil on CaO–MgO/Al2O3 solid base catalysts
V Mahdavi, A Monajemi
Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 45 (5), 2286-2292, 2014
Synthesis of C1–C6 alcohols over copper/cobalt catalysts: investigation of the influence of preparative procedures on the activity and selectivity of Cu–Co2O3/ZnO, Al2O3 catalyst
V Mahdavi, MH Peyrovi
Catalysis Communications 7 (8), 542-549, 2006
Selective oxidation of benzyl alcohol with tert-butylhydroperoxide catalysed via Mn (II) 2, 2-bipyridine complexes immobilized over the mesoporous hexagonal molecular sieves (HMS)
V Mahdavi, M Mardani
Journal of Chemical Sciences 124, 1107-1115, 2012
Oxidation of alcohols with tert-butylhydroperoxide catalyzed by Mn (II) complexes immobilized in the pore channels of mesoporous hexagonal molecular sieves (HMS)
V Mahdavi, M Mardani, M Malekhosseini
Catalysis Communications 9 (13), 2201-2204, 2008
Vanadium phosphorus oxide catalyst promoted by cobalt doping for mild oxidation of benzyl alcohol to benzaldehyde in the liquid phase
V Mahdavi, HR Hasheminasab
Applied Catalysis A: General 482, 189-197, 2014
Oxidation of alcohols with tert-butylhydroperoxide catalyzed by Co (II) complexes immobilized between silicate layers of bentonite
MH Peyrovi, V Mahdavi, MA Salehi, R Mahmoodian
Catalysis Communications 6 (7), 476-479, 2005
Derivative spectrophotometry and multivariate optimization for simultaneous removal of Titan yellow and Bromophenol blue dyes using polyaniline@ SiO2 nanocomposite
M Rastgordani, J Zolgharnein, V Mahdavi
Microchemical Journal 155, 104717, 2020
Preparation of manganese oxide immobilized on SBA-15 by atomic layer deposition as an efficient and reusable catalyst for selective oxidation of benzyl alcohol in the liquid phase
V Mahdavi, M Mardani
Materials Chemistry and Physics 155, 136-146, 2015
Liquid phase selective oxidation of alcohols over VPO catalysts supported on mesoporous Hexagonal Molecular Sieves (HMS)
V Mahdavi, HR Hasheminasab, S Abdollahi
Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society 57 (2), 189-198, 2010
Liquid-phase efficient oxidation of cyclohexane over cobalt promoted VPO catalyst using tert-butylhydroperoxide
V Mahdavi, HR Hasheminasab
Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 51, 53-62, 2015
Preparation and characterization of CaO/MgO catalyst and its application for transesterification of n-butyl acetate with methanol
V Mahdavi, F Abedini
Chemical Engineering Communications 203 (1), 114-122, 2016
Novel synthesis of manganese and vanadium mixed oxide (V2O5/OMS-2) as an efficient and selective catalyst for the oxidation of alcohols in liquid phase
V Mahdavi, S Soleimani
Materials Research Bulletin 51, 153-160, 2014
^ 1H NMR Studies of Some Imidazole Ligands Coordinated to Co (III)
Turkish Journal of Chemistry 27 (1), 71-76, 2003
Preparation and characterization of SrO/MgO nanocomposite as a novel and efficient base catalyst for biodiesel production from waste cooking oil: a statistical approach for …
F Shahbazi, V Mahdavi, J Zolgharnein
Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society 17 (2), 333-349, 2020
Mn (Salen) Cl complexes immobilized on SBA-15 functionalized with amine as an efficient, selective and recyclable catalyst for benzyl alcohol oxidation by TBHP: the effects of …
V Mahdavi, M Mardani
Research on Chemical Intermediates 41, 8907-8927, 2015
Activity coefficient determinations of KCl in the KCl+ formamide+ water mixed solvent system based on potentiometric measurements at 298.2 K
B Ghalami-Choobar, V Mahdavi, S Pourpanah
Journal of solution chemistry 41, 89-99, 2012
Novel synthesis of highly dispersed molybdenum oxide over nanorods cryptomelane octahedral manganese oxide molecular sieve (MoOx/nanorod-OMS-2) as a high performance catalyst …
MH Farghadani, V Mahdavi
Fuel Processing Technology 236, 107415, 2022
Gas phase dehydration of glycerol catalyzed by gamma Al 2 O 3 supported V 2 O 5: a statistical approach for simultaneous optimization
V Mahdavi, A Monajemi
RSC Advances 6 (115), 114244-114255, 2016
Performance evaluation of oxygen‐depolarized cathode with PtPd/C electrocatalyst layer in advanced chlor‐alkali cell
E Joudaki, F Farzami, V Mahdavi, SJ Hashemi
Chemical engineering & technology 33 (9), 1525-1530, 2010
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