Janne Swaegers
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Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies) as a bridge between ecology and evolutionary genomics
S Bybee, A Córdoba-Aguilar, MC Duryea, R Futahashi, B Hansson, ...
Frontiers in zoology 13, 1-20, 2016
Rapid range expansion increases genetic differentiation while causing limited reduction in genetic diversity in a damselfly
J Swaegers, J Mergeay, L Therry, MHD Larmuseau, D Bonte, R Stoks
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Spiders do not escape reproductive manipulations by Wolbachia
B Vanthournout, J Swaegers, F Hendrickx
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Neutral and adaptive genomic signatures of rapid poleward range expansion
J Swaegers, J Mergeay, A Van Geystelen, L Therry, MHD Larmuseau, ...
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Ecological and evolutionary drivers of range size in Coenagrion damselflies
J Swaegers, SB Janssens, S Ferreira, PC Watts, J Mergeay, MA McPeek, ...
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Unravelling the effects of contemporary and historical range expansion on the distribution of genetic diversity in the damselfly Coenagrion scitulum
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Journal of evolutionary biology 27 (4), 748-759, 2014
Genetic compensation rather than genetic assimilation drives the evolution of plasticity in response to mild warming across latitudes in a damselfly
J Swaegers, KI Spanier, R Stoks
Molecular Ecology 29 (24), 4823-4834, 2020
Genome assembly, sex-biased gene expression and dosage compensation in the damselfly Ischnura elegans
P Chauhan, J Swaegers, RA Sánchez-Guillén, EI Svensson, ...
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Selection on escape performance during ecological speciation driven by predation
J Swaegers, F Strobbe, MA McPeek, R Stoks
Animal behaviour 124, 153-159, 2017
Reduced stress defence responses contribute to the higher toxicity of a pesticide under warming
V Delnat, J Swaegers, J Asselman, R Stoks
Molecular Ecology 29 (23), 4735-4748, 2020
Plasticity and associated epigenetic mechanisms play a role in thermal evolution during range expansion
J Swaegers, S De Cupere, N Gaens, LT Lancaster, JA Carbonell, ...
Evolution Letters 8 (1), 76-88, 2024
The importance of eco-evolutionary dynamics for predicting and managing insect range shifts
M Wellenreuther, RY Dudaniec, A Neu, JP Lessard, J Bridle, JA Carbonell, ...
Current Opinion in Insect Science 52, 100939, 2022
Adaptive and maladaptive consequences of larval stressors for metamorphic and postmetamorphic traits and fitness
R Stoks, L Janssens, V Delnat, J Swaegers, N Tüzün, J Verheyen
Development strategies and biodiversity: Darwinian fitness and evolution in …, 2022
Low larval densities in northern populations reinforce range expansion by a Mediterranean damselfly
L Therry, J Swaegers, K Van Dinh, D Bonte, R Stoks
Freshwater biology 61 (9), 1430-1441, 2016
Convergence of life history and physiology during range expansion toward the phenotype of the native sister species
J Swaegers, RA Sánchez-Guillén, JA Carbonell, R Stoks
Science of the Total Environment 816, 151530, 2022
Microsatellite marker development and putative SNP detection for a northward expanding damselfly species using next generation sequencing
J Swaegers, J Mergeay, GE Maes, JKJ Van Houdt, MHD Larmuseau, ...
Conservation Genetics Resources 4, 1079-1084, 2012
When and how can we predict adaptive responses to climate change?
MC Urban, J Swaegers, R Stoks, RR Snook, SP Otto, DWA Noble, ...
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Variable genomic patterns of hybridization in an expanding hybrid zone of damselflies
RA Sánchez-Guillén, LR Arce-Valdés, J Swaegers, P Chauhan, ...
Authorea Preprints, 2022
Genetic signature of the colonisation dynamics along a coastal expansion front in the damselfly Coenagrion scitulum
J Swaegers, J Mergeay, A ST‐MARTIN, G De Knijf, MHD Larmuseau, ...
Ecological Entomology 40 (4), 353-361, 2015
Variable genomic patterns of hybridization in two independent hybrid zones of damselflies
RA Sánchez-Guillén, LR Arce-Valdés, J Swaegers, P Chauhan, ...
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