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Peder Madsen
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Sortilin is essential for proNGF-induced neuronal cell death
A Nykjaer, R Lee, KK Teng, P Jansen, P Madsen, MS Nielsen, ...
Nature 427 (6977), 843-848, 2004
The sortilin cytoplasmic tail conveys Golgi–endosome transport and binds the VHS domain of the GGA2 sorting protein
MS Nielsen, P Madsen, EI Christensen, A Nykjær, J Gliemann, D Kasper, ...
The EMBO journal 20 (9), 2180-2190, 2001
Molecular cloning, occurrence, and expression of a novel partially secreted protein" psoriasin" that is highly up-regulated in psoriatic skin.
P Madsen, HH Rasmussen, H Leffers, B Honoré, K Dejgaard, E Olsen, ...
Journal of Investigative Dermatology 97 (4), 1991
Molecular identification of a novel candidate sorting receptor purified from human brain by receptor-associated protein affinity chromatography
CM Petersen, MS Nielsen, A Nykjær, L Jacobsen, N Tommerup, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 272 (6), 3599-3605, 1997
Molecular characterization of a novel human hybrid-type receptor that binds the α2-macroglobulin receptor-associated protein
L Jacobsen, P Madsen, SK Moestrup, AH Lund, N Tommerup, A Nykjær, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 271 (49), 31379-31383, 1996
Molecular cloning and expression of a novel keratinocyte protein (psoriasis-associated fatty acid-binding protein [PA-FABP]) that is highly up-regulated in psoriatic skin and …
P Madsen, HH Rasmussen, H Leffers, B Honoré, JE Celis
Journal of Investigative Dermatology 99 (3), 299-305, 1992
Psoriasin: a novel chemotactic protein
T Jinquan, H Vorum, CG Larsen, P Madsen, HH Rasmussen, B Gesser, ...
Journal of Investigative Dermatology 107 (1), 5-10, 1996
Sort1, Encoded by the Cardiovascular Risk Locus 1p13.3, Is a Regulator of Hepatic Lipoprotein Export
M Kjolby, OM Andersen, T Breiderhoff, AW Fjorback, KM Pedersen, ...
Cell metabolism 12 (3), 213-223, 2010
Propeptide cleavage conditions sortilin/neurotensin receptor‐3 for ligand binding
CM Petersen, MS Nielsen, C Jacobsen, J Tauris, L Jacobsen, J Gliemann, ...
The EMBO journal 18 (3), 595-604, 1999
Molecular cloning and expression of the transformation sensitive epithelial marker stratifin: a member of a protein family that has been involved in the protein kinase C …
H Leffers, P Madsen, HH Rasmussen, B Honore, AH Andersen, ...
Journal of molecular biology 231 (4), 982-998, 1993
Cyclin (PCNA, auxiliary protein of DNA polymerase δ) is a central component of the pathway (s) leading to DNA replication and cell division
JE Celis, P Madsen, A Celis, HV Nielsen, B Gesser
FEBS letters 220 (1), 1-7, 1987
Increased nuclear cyclin/PCNA antigen staining of non S‐phase transformed human amnion cells engaged in nucleotide excision DNA repair
JE Celis, P Madsen
FEBS letters 209 (2), 277-283, 1986
Structural Basis for the Recognition of Carbohydrates by Human Galectin-7,
DD Leonidas, EH Vatzaki, H Vorum, JE Celis, P Madsen, KR Acharya
Biochemistry 37 (40), 13930-13940, 1998
Retromer binds the FANSHY sorting motif in SorLA to regulate amyloid precursor protein sorting and processing
AW Fjorback, M Seaman, C Gustafsen, A Mehmedbasic, S Gokool, C Wu, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 32 (4), 1467-1480, 2012
Sorting by the cytoplasmic domain of the amyloid precursor protein binding receptor SorLA
MS Nielsen, C Gustafsen, P Madsen, JR Nyengaard, G Hermey, O Bakke, ...
Molecular and cellular biology 27 (19), 6842-6851, 2007
Bladder squamous cell carcinomas express psoriasin and externalize it to the urine
JE Celis, HH Rasmussen, H Vorum, P Madsen, B Honore, H Wolf, ...
The Journal of urology 155 (6), 2105-2112, 1996
Activation and functional characterization of the mosaic receptor SorLA/LR11
L Jacobsen, P Madsen, C Jacobsen, MS Nielsen, J Gliemann, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 276 (25), 22788-22796, 2001
Molecular cloning and expression of a transformation-sensitive human protein containing the TPR motif and sharing identity to the stress-inducible yeast protein STI1.
B Honore, H Leffers, P Madsen, HH Rasmussen, J Vandekerckhove, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 267 (12), 8485-8491, 1992
Cloning, expression, and chromosome mapping of human galectin-7
P Madsen, HH Rasmussen, T Flint, P Gromov, TA Kruse, B Honoré, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 270 (11), 5823-5829, 1995
Comprehensive two‐dimensional gel protein databases offer a global approach to the analysis of human cells: The transformed amnion cells (AMA) master database and its link to …
JE Celis, B Gesser, HH Rasmussen, P Madsen, H Leffers, K Dejgaard, ...
Electrophoresis 11 (12), 989-1071, 1990
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