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Leif Schauser
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A plant regulator controlling development of symbiotic root nodules
L Schauser, A Roussis, J Stiller, J Stougaard
Nature 402 (6758), 191-195, 1999
Ubiquitin ligase-associated protein SGT1 is required for host and nonhost disease resistance in plants
JR Peart, R Lu, A Sadanandom, I Malcuit, P Moffett, DC Brice, L Schauser, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 99 (16), 10865-10869, 2002
Spider genomes provide insight into composition and evolution of venom and silk
KW Sanggaard, JS Bechsgaard, X Fang, J Duan, TF Dyrlund, V Gupta, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 1-12, 2014
Symbiotic mutants deficient in nodule establishment identified after T-DNA transformation of Lotus japonicus
L Schauser, K Handberg, N Sandal, J Stiller, T Thykjaer, E Pajuelo, ...
Molecular and General Genetics MGG 259 (4), 414-423, 1998
Evolution of NIN-Like Proteins in Arabidopsis, Rice, and Lotus japonicus
L Schauser, W Wieloch, J Stougaard
Journal of molecular evolution 60, 229-237, 2005
The Sym35 Gene Required for Root Nodule Development in Pea Is an Ortholog of Nin from Lotus japonicus
AY Borisov, LH Madsen, VE Tsyganov, Y Umehara, VA Voroshilova, ...
Plant physiology 131 (3), 1009-1017, 2003
Using biological networks to search for interacting loci in genome-wide association studies
M Emily, T Mailund, J Hein, L Schauser, MH Schierup
European Journal of Human Genetics 17 (10), 1231-1240, 2009
Expression pattern suggests a role of MiR399 in the regulation of the cellular response to local Pi increase during arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis
A Branscheid, D Sieh, BD Pant, P May, EA Devers, A Elkrog, L Schauser, ...
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 23 (7), 915-926, 2010
The Lotus japonicus LjSym4 Gene Is Required for the Successful Symbiotic Infection of Root Epidermal Cells
P Bonfante, A Genre, A Faccio, I Martini, L Schauser, J Stougaard, J Webb, ...
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 13 (10), 1109-1120, 2000
An analysis of synteny of Arachis with Lotus and Medicago sheds new light on the structure, stability and evolution of legume genomes
DJ Bertioli, MC Moretzsohn, LH Madsen, N Sandal, SCM Leal-Bertioli, ...
BMC genomics 10, 1-11, 2009
Mycorrhiza Mutants of Lotus japonicus Define Genetically Independent Steps During Symbiotic Infection
E Wegel, L Schauser, N Sandal, J Stougaard, M Parniske
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 11 (9), 933-936, 1998
Dissection of Symbiosis and Organ Development by Integrated Transcriptome Analysis of Lotus japonicus Mutant and Wild-Type Plants
N Høgslund, S Radutoiu, L Krusell, V Voroshilova, MA Hannah, N Goffard, ...
PLoS One 4 (8), e6556, 2009
Retraction: CITRX thioredoxin interacts with the tomato Cf‐9 resistance protein and negatively regulates defence
S Rivas, A Rougon‐Cardoso, M Smoker, L Schauser, H Yoshioka, ...
The EMBO Journal 23 (10), 2156-2165, 2004
Gene targeting approaches using positive-negative selection and large flanking regions
T Thykjær, J Finnemann, L Schauser, L Christensen, C Poulsen, ...
Plant Molecular Biology 35, 523-530, 1997
Population genomic analysis of Aegilops tauschii identifies targets for bread wheat improvement
K Gaurav, S Arora, P Silva, J Sánchez-Martín, R Horsnell, L Gao, GS Brar, ...
Nature biotechnology 40 (3), 422-431, 2022
PriFi: using a multiple alignment of related sequences to find primers for amplification of homologs
J Fredslund, L Schauser, LH Madsen, N Sandal, J Stougaard
Nucleic acids research 33 (suppl_2), W516-W520, 2005
Legume Anchor Markers Link Syntenic Regions Between Phaseolus vulgaris, Lotus japonicus, Medicago truncatula and Arachis
BK Hougaard, LH Madsen, N Sandal, M de Carvalho Moretzsohn, ...
Genetics 179 (4), 2299-2312, 2008
CoaSim: a flexible environment for simulating genetic data under coalescent models
T Mailund, MH Schierup, CNS Pedersen, PJM Mechlenborg, JN Madsen, ...
BMC bioinformatics 6, 1-6, 2005
The conserved cysteine-rich domain of a tesmin/TSO1-like protein binds zinc in vitro and TSO1 is required for both male and female fertility in Arabidopsis thaliana
SU Andersen, RG Algreen-Petersen, M Hoedl, A Jurkiewicz, C Cvitanich, ...
Journal of experimental botany 58 (13), 3657-3670, 2007
LORE1, an active low‐copy‐number TY3‐gypsy retrotransposon family in the model legume Lotus japonicus
LH Madsen, E Fukai, S Radutoiu, CK Yost, N Sandal, L Schauser, ...
The Plant Journal 44 (3), 372-381, 2005
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