Niels J. Nedergaard
Niels J. Nedergaard
Human Movement Analysis Laboratory, Department of Orthopedics, Copenhagen University Hospital
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J Vanrenterghem, NJ Nedergaard, MA Robinson, B Drust
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P Barreira, MA Robinson, B Drust, N Nedergaard, RMF Raja Azidin, ...
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Whole-body biomechanical load monitoring from accelerometry in team sports
NJ Nedergaard
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K Krommes, AM Nielsen, NJ Nedergaard, J Bencke, K Thorborg, ...
Forskningsdag 2020 (aflyst pga. covid), 2020
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J Bencke, A Holsgaard-Larsen, G Jonsdottir, CK Jørgensen, ...
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Robustness of CGM2. 4 medial-lateral intermediate cuneiform marker misplacement on forefoot-to-rearfoot angles
N Nedergaard, A Holsgaard-Larsen, G Jonsdóttir, CK Jørgensen, ...
Gait & Posture 106, S138-S139, 2023
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