Michael Poulsen
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DC Oh, M Poulsen, CR Currie, J Clardy
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CR Currie, M Poulsen, J Mendenhall, JJ Boomsma, J Billen
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M Poulsen, JJ Boomsma
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G Carr, M Poulsen, JL Klassen, Y Hou, TP Wyche, TS Bugni, CR Currie, ...
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M Poulsen, M Cafaro, JJ Boomsma, CR Currie
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Sceliphrolactam, a polyene macrocyclic lactam from a wasp-associated Streptomyces sp.
DC Oh, M Poulsen, CR Currie, J Clardy
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Variation in Pseudonocardia antibiotic defence helps govern parasite‐induced morbidity in Acromyrmex leaf‐cutting ants
M Poulsen, MJ Cafaro, DP Erhardt, AEF Little, NM Gerardo, B Tebbets, ...
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Diet is the primary determinant of bacterial community structure in the guts of higher termites
A Mikaelyan, C Dietrich, T Köhler, M Poulsen, D Sillam‐Dussès, A Brune
Molecular ecology 24 (20), 5284-5295, 2015
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